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Jonathan Newman
Jonathan Newman
Jonathan Newman
Jonathan Newman

Jonathan Newman


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Jonathan Newman composes music rich with rhythmic drive and intricate sophistication, creating broadly colored musical works that incorporate styles of pop, blues, jazz, folk, and funk into otherwise classical models. Trained as a pianist, trombonist, and singer, his work is informed by an upbringing performing in orchestras, singing in jazz choirs, playing in marching bands, and accompanying himself in talent shows. From opera to bubblegum pop, Newman delivers a new perspective on American concert music.


Jonathan’s existing site had become outdated and lacked an efficient and intuitive navigation. It had also become difficult to update.


I imported Jonathan’s existing custom-built database into WordPress, making use of custom post types for the Music Catalog and Performances to allow for easy updating as well as cross-referencing. New portrait photography was commissioned to accompany a fresh, confident and user-friendly design.

The Music Catalog features dynamic filter and sort controls for an efficient user experience. The Shop integrates with a PayPal cart and checkout, allowing visitors to purchase or rent pieces online.

Visitors can submit their own performance dates of Jonathan’s works, which appear on the site after moderation.