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Migal Vanas Photography
Migal Vanas Photography
Migal Vanas Photography

Migal Vanas Photography

Adventures in Light, and Magic! Original photographic works

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With an Aeronautical Engineering degree, Computer Science qualification and a successful career spanning over a decade as a software entrepreneur, Migal is not your usual commercial photographer. An artist at heart, Migal has painted and performed photography for most of his life, complemented and supported by his technical aptitude and structured, process driven approach.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa but a citizen of the world and wildly enthusiastic for new experiences, cultures and perspectives, Migal has spent the past 5 years exploring and shooting locations and people in over 60 countries and has created a portfolio of images and memories inspiring in content and possibility.

Migal strives to create images that connect with and provoke the viewer; sparking a question, eliciting an emotion, inspiring a story.


Migal required a new personal brand, the primary deliverable being a modern website to showcase his photography in a user-friendly manner, while allowing for regular and efficient updates.


I designed a new logo, consisting of a contemporary sans-serif monogram combining the “M” and “V” initials, which could serve well as a standalone mark for social media profiles and image watermarks.

A simple black and white colour palette was selected to work alongside and enhance the vibrant photography.

The site is powered by WordPress with a custom theme, allowing for the portfolio of categories and albums to grow with regular updates while requiring minimal effort.