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Ryan Stramrood
Ryan Stramrood
Ryan Stramrood
Ryan Stramrood
Ryan Stramrood
Ryan Stramrood

Ryan Stramrood

Inspirational Speaker & Extreme Swimmer

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Ryan Stramrood is the quintessential average joe. He owns and runs a successful sales operation, is a single dad, and faces all the challenges of the daily grind. But by distinct contrast, Ryan is also one of SA’s Top Extreme Adventurers and Ice Swimmers.

Ryan is a seasoned presenter and magnificent story teller who is taking audiences on an incredible journey. In a unique and highly entertaining way, he illustrates just how limited we are by our own beliefs…


Ryan required a professional web presence that captured his personality and passion, while equally showcasing his swimming adventures and promoting his speaking engagements.


Along with the professional photography that was provided, I designed a new logo and basic style guide that could be applied across digital and print mediums to establish a consistent and cohesive personal brand, driven by an ocean-inspired colour palette paired with energetic typography and texture.

The website was designed and developed to share Ryan’s journey in a way that would captivate and engage his visitors. The WordPress framework allows for content be updated regularly with minimum effort.

The mailing list interfaces with the MailChimp API to allow for integrated email marketing campaigns.