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A boutique business consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa

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Therefour focuses on giving start-up businesses the head start they need to succeed by acting as a known and trusted partner to both investors looking to back a new venture and to entrepreneurs with ideas.

Therefour’s primary mandate is to connect the 3 key elements of a successful start-up: a great idea; financial investment; and people who, with the necessary expertise, drive the enterprise to success by providing the on-the-ground people expertise through a variety of solutions and business tools, that are tailored not to break the bank at a time when a start-up has limited funds available to them.


Therefour approached me without a business name or branding, and required a simple creative solution with a quick turnaround.

The name and accompanying logomark are a play on the “therefore” word and sign (∴), which is generally used in mathematics before a logical consequence. The Therefour logomark extends the therefore sign to include a fourth dot. This mark works equally well when mirrored, reversed or downsized.

A rounded and contemporary logotype compliments the mark.