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Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant

Steven Bryant

Composer / Conductor

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Steven Bryant’s music is chiseled in its structure and intent, fusing lyricism, dissonance, silence, technology, and humor into lean, skillfully-crafted works that enthrall listeners and performers alike. Winner of the ABA Ostwald award and three-time winner of the NBA Revelli Award, Steven Bryant’s music for wind ensemble has reshaped the genre. A prolific composer, his substantial catalogue of music is regularly performed throughout the world.


Steven had an existing website that he had designed and developed himself over about 5 years, which was becoming tiresome to maintain. The user experience lacked focus and the design had become outdated.


I designed and developed a new custom theme for the WordPress framework.

I wrote a script to import the custom-designed MySQL database content into WordPress post formats. Filters, sorting, search, tagging, and an array of other new features were introduced into the Music Catalog. The Shop was simplified and also integrated into the Music Catalog as well as acting as a standalone feature, which itself integrates with the E-Junkie e-commerce platform.

The mailing list interfaces with the MailChimp API to allow for integrated email marketing campaigns.